Hi, I am Keyan Riddick.

Hey there, I’m Keyan, and in my free time, you can find me jamming out to some groovy music and watching endless hours of Youtube — learning and being entertained. People often refer to me as the “Camera Guy” because I always have my gear on me, including when I’m just at the grocery store. I love serving the world and my clients by capturing those candid moments that are often missed or forgotten but also showing the beauty in everyone.

I work and photograph with people who need help with content for their brand or business, or who desire to see themselves for the wonderful beings they are. I am lucky to give them the gift of seeing themselves through someones else’s eyes.

As a portrait and event photographer, I’ve been showcased on several local business’ blogs and social media accounts.

When I’m not busy working on my next session or event you can catch me downtown in a quiet place drinking wine with my headphones on, or traveling to somewhere I’ve never been before, whether that 5 mins or 4 hours away.


“Loved working with Keyan, super professional and a blast to work with! I think I love every photo I got from the shoot, picking my favs was hard!”

—Sarah H

“The experince was phenomenal and during the shoot I felt he was very professional, while also having fun with the whole thing. Photos turned out better than I could have expected- he even got ones of me laughing! As a photographer myself, he is truly one in a million”

—Kat E

“I keep looking at my photos with genuine amazement. The talent behind Keyan and his camera is something you don’t want to miss out on! Every time I look at these photos I recognize the confident, beautiful and talented woman I am. Not to mention Keyan’s passion for photography! The way he captures candid beauty within his clients is one of the main reasons I’ve been drawn to his photography and can’t wait for another photoshoot.”

—Ebonie M

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